Implementing Healthy Sleep Habits in Babies from Day 1

                             BABY SPA PERTH X THE SLEEP ESCAPE 

Sign up to The Sleep Escapes FREE workshop held at Baby Spa Perth with Francesca Kendall, Baby and Infant Specialist. 

Date ~ 27th November at 12 pm, location ~ Neonate Room, Baby Spa Perth, 68 Coghlan Road, Subiaco WA 6008 

The session will cover:

  • The importance of sleep ~ How it enhances your baby's development
  • Newborn Sleep ~ Safe Sleeping (SIDS), awake times, amount of sleep needed up to 3 months, teaching them day and night, tired signs
  • Implementing Healthy sleep habits ~ environment, what to sleep them in, dummies, white noise, routine
  • The science behind newborn sleep ~ Circadian Rhythm, internal time and real time 
  • Feeding ~ Formula and breast feeding- what to expect for timings and frequency

For pregnant mothers in their second and third trimester and for any Baby Spa clients who have bought a package in November!! Register at 


Mums + Bubs Be Natural Workshop 

10.30 am, Sunday, 5th February 2017 (approx. 1 hour)

68 Coghlan Rd, Subiaco WA 6008

We know as a Mum you're committed to providing the safest and most nurturing care for your little one and family. We will be chatting about some great non-toxic ideas for bubs and kids. We'll also cover some harmful ingredients found in baby products and why to avoid them.  In this relaxed and hands-on workshop learn how to create your own beautiful nurturing products to take home:

- Baby Massage Oil (can be used on Mum/Dad too!)

- Natural Bespoke Perfume Oil for Mum

- Plus a "Mums + Bubs Be Natural" Booklet to take home with recipes to inspire you to use only the best organic and natural products on yourself and bubs and in your home

A great way to connect with other Mums and Bub's. You are welcome to feed or change bub's nappy in the dedicated nursing and change rooms at Baby Spa Perth as needed and join the workshop if you're running late (we get it!). 

Plus sip on fresh juice and nibble on healthy treats as you create. 

TICKETS ARE LIMITED SO GET IN QUICKLY SO YOU DON'T MISS OUT! Click on the link below to purchase your ticket: 

Baby Spa clients who have purchased a package of 10 sessions or five sessions receive a 15% discount as well as mums who have previously booked Mother's Group' sessions. For any additional info or to receive the discount code email: or

PRENATAL YOGA with Jess Wilding 

4 week Prenatal Yoga Course starting February 6th.  Enquiries to

Weekly Prenatal Yoga classes with the lovely and talented Jess Wilding are held at Baby Spa Perth.  The classes cover appropriate breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation, asana and restorative poses for pregnancy. These poses and techniques will be explored, discussed and practiced to help prepare for labour as well as improve blood circulation and comfort during pregnancy. 

Monday at 5-6 pm, weekly classes 

Limited spaces are available so advanced booking is required. 


SINGLE SESSION For Mum & Dad STARTING Jan 2017 - Baby Massage 

Discover the gentle techniques of infant massage at Baby Spa. Our sessions will teach parents the specific techniques of baby massage so both parents can incorporate this joyful and beneficial practice into their baby's daily routine. Single sessions are offered in a class format for both Mum and Dad. Prices are $85 and includes a 100 ml bottle of our Cold Pressed Massage Oil. Enquire or reserve your spot at or call 9382 2490. 

*Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class and ensure baby is fed so he/she receives the full benefit from the session.

Single Group Session Tuesday 31st January at 1 pm or Tuesday 7th Feb at 12pm. Book your mama groups in or simply join in the session yourself! 

Co-owner Anita Yap will teach parents the specific techniques of infant massage in a single session so they can incorporate this joyful and beneficial practice into their baby's daily routine. Classes are offered in a group format. Prices are $55 and includes a 100 ml bottle of our Cold Pressed Massage Oil. Enquire or reserve your spot at or call 9382 2490 

Anita is a qualified massage therapist with over 15 years experience and is also a certified IMIS instructor who is passionate about helping parents discover the benefits of infant massage. 

Wednesday 3:30pm - 4 Session Infant Massage Workshops.

NOW OFFERING WEDNESDAY CLASSES! Due to popular demand we are now offering Wednesday afternoon class with Beth Williams. Beth is an Occupational Therapist with 10 years experience and holds a qualification as an Infant Massage Instructor and is a Paediatric Massage Consultant gaining her qualifications from IMIS.  

What to expect in Baby Massage Workshops:

Discover the gentle techniques of infant massage at Baby Spa Perth. This workshop will teach parents the specific techniques of infant massage so they can incorporate this joyful and beneficial practice into their baby's daily routine. Classes are offered in a workshop format.  

Instructors will teach parents infant massage over 4 x 45 minute sessions as part of a group. The sessions include:

• Appropriate oils to use

• Permission sequence 

• Massage for legs, abdomen, chest, face, arm and back

• Benefits of massage 

Please note: our yoga mats are made from natural tree rubber, pvc free, biodegradable and are free from all toxins so you and baby are safe.

$120 for 4 package class which includes a bottle of natural grape seed oil, rich in vitamin E and antioxidants! 

Limited spaces are available so advanced booking is required. This can be done via our email Mats and towels will be provided. Please bring extra nappies and formula if your baby is bottle -fed. Please wear comfortable clothing. 

"It is through our hands that we speak to the child. That we communicate. Touch is the child's first language, understanding comes long after feeling."

- Federick Leboyer 

Baby Sensory with Joanna Salmon 

Join Joanna for a tailored 3 week sensory-only class held at Baby Spa Perth. The multi-award winning Baby Sensory classes will introduce you and your baby (or babies) to a world of sensory delights, where you can relax, spend quality time with each other and enjoy meeting other parents and babies. 

Specifically designed to aid your child’s development the programme is packed with an incredible variety of sounds, smells, sights, textures, music, dance and signing – and you’ll never  experience the same class twice.

What makes the Baby Sensory programme unique is that every activity is carefully designed with your baby’s development in mind, based upon decades of educational and scientific research.

Afternoon classes will be held on Monday 18th and 25th July and 1st August  

The classes will cater for babies aged 0-6 months

Classes will be offered as a single session priced at $15 per session, or a ‘bundle’ of three session priced at $35

Enquiries to